Apparently the economy woes haven't hit No Doubt. New reports say Gwen Stefani's newborn baby son, Zuma Nesta Rock, when he's old enough to eat with silverware, will use a $4,000 dollar diamond encrusted spoon.

The fancy cutlery was a present her bandmates. According to friends of the songstress they say, "Gwen loves it. She would never buy it herself, but that is what makes it so special."

Wow. We're really at a loss for words here. $4,000 is more than a lot of people make in a month. Some people can't afford to put food in their family's mouths. But celebrity babies are eating off of silverware that costs as much as a car!

Really, we can't fault Gwen for having rich friends to give her such extravagant gifts, but wouldn't something like this have a better use being put up for an auction to raise money for a good cause?