Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have great taste in women! The mighty duo chose Lauren Hutton to be the face of their line, The Row, for the next big campaign for the brand!

Obviously she'll do ads for them, but sources are saying she'll also do runway shows. We can't wait to see 64 year old Lauren do her little thang on the catwalk!

Lauren Hutton: Still smokin' in her 60's

The choice of Lauren is a bit surprising and makes us wonder who the Olsen twins' target demographic for this line really is. After all, they're admired by young girls around the world, but not many of them have $275 dollars to spend on a plain black t-shirt. Maybe MKO and Ashley have realized they should start marketing to older women who actually have that kind of budget!

Either way, Lauren does have an amazing sense of fashion. Her campaign photos should turn out gorgeous! Browse through the gallery to see pictures of one of the hottest women in the business. Seriously, she might be over 60, but girlfriend can still rock a pair of leather leggings like you wouldn't believe -- and that's more than we can say for most twenty somethings out there.