BoudiccaThis isn't quite synesthesia, but being able to see your perfume is still pretty darn cool. This fragrance, Wode by Boudicca, sprays on blue and fades to nothing right before your eyes. We have no idea how it smells, despite our best efforts in repeatedly pressing our noses against our monitors, but the artsiness of it all is enough to make us want to try. We quite like that fancy little spray can it comes in, as well.

Check out their website, but maybe in the privacy of your own home so that people don't think you're watching questionable material. Seriously, it's totally SFW, but at first glance, may look like something else, what with all the bed-writhing and sexy ladies.

Creativity like this is particularly refreshing, as it combines so many different worlds. Not only do we see an otherwise very common product in a new light, but this is another instance of more arty concepts mingling with fashion/beauty world. One could also point to the huge trend of illustrators collaborating with runway designers (fine example: James Jean for Prada).