After word got out that the Republican National Committee had dropped $150K on Palin's wardrobe, there was a pretty serious uproar concerning the hypocrisy of blowing cash like a Hollywood A-lister, and then casting herself as your average "hockey mom." We agree, if your campaign is spending three times the average household income on designer clothes, you definitely lose street cred. In a response, it appears that Palin has gone back to shopping at her favorite Anchorage consignment store named Out of the Closet.

The Sarah Palin created by the RNC was given a super-sized budget and dressed by famous costume designer Edith Head. You know, the woman who won 8 Academy Awards for Sabrina, A Place in the Sun, and The Sting. Well, while Palin might have looked the part of a Hollywood politician, Head didn't realize the backlash of dropping $150K on a supposedly 'down to earth' governor from Alaska -- during a recession.

After getting blasted over her RNC shopping-spree, it appears that Sarah and Edith have started shopping secondhand to pay for their transgressions. Not only have rumors been flying that Palin bought a knockoff LV handbag, but at a recent campaign stop in Florida, she told the audience: "I'm back to wearing my own clothes from my favorite consignment shop in Anchorage, Alaska."