Okay, there aren't any hooks, or even amputees, but something about this video of Helena Christensen -- in what we believe are leather garters -- simply screams "Pirate!" Sexy Pirate, that is.

Sexy celebrity advertising

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It's probably the Adam and the Ants jacket, plus the sword, plus the red lace pasties someone is "wearing." And the pirate music certainly adds something to the buccaneer ambiance.

And we mustn't forget the panties made of black silk ribbons. Yes, this clip for the new Agent Provocateur Pirate lingerie line is a regular sexy pirate stew. Pure perfection for all you current and former lingerie models who want to enjoy Halloween year-round!

We have to admit, as sexy as this little video is, the longer version on the Agent Provocateur site is...wow. it's sort of interactive. And Helena, at 39, totally still has it.

Helena Christensen Still Sexy and Stylish

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