Is it just us, or do think Michelle Trachtenberg has the potential to be one of the most stunning women in Hollywood? She has those big eyes, a naturally full pout, and don't even get us started on the hair. But then, she wears this, and we find the whole thing so boring we hardly even notice her.

Don't get us wrong -- we are all about the Little Black Dress. And Michelle has worn the LBD with aplomb on other occasions, but this time, something is seriously lacking. Like fit. Or style.

Or maybe it's fine. Perhaps we expect too much of her. All we know is, if we looked like that, we'd find something that made us stand out just a little more. What about you?
Michelle Trachtenberg - Boring or beautiful?
She'd be stunning in a bathrobe, and she looks fabulous in this.18 (15.9%)
Meh. She's a pretty girl, but you're right, the dress is dullsville.48 (42.5%)
Ew! It's not boring. It's ugly!28 (24.8%)
Yawn. Wake me up when she's back on Gossip Girl and makes Serena go bad again.19 (16.8%)