Hello Kimora!Hello Kimora!

Kimora Lee Simmons has designed an adorably glam line of Hello Kitty accessories and you should all put them on your holiday lists. We mean the lists you make to give other people so they know what to get you.

We only have one question: Would you spend $25,000 on a Hello Kitty Necklace?
Our favorites are the watches and the zodiac charms. Best worn with solid colors unless you have the "I'm magical at mismatching" gene (we're convinced it's a gene), these items give understated outfits a youthful, sparkly statement.

Kimora Lee Simmons saw a need in the market for youthful, playful designer jewelry that doesn't come from Claire's. Not that we have anything against Claire's.

Check out the Hello Kitty items (including that 25 grand Diamond Glam Collection) below, and buy them here!

Hello Kitty by Kimora Lee Simmons

Simply Kitty CollectionGlam Kitty Diamond CollectionHello Kitty Watches CollectionSterling Silver and Enamel Glam Kitty CollectionZodiac Kitty Collection