What's the hottest thing to wear to the polls this election day? Well, some folks on Florida's left coast say it's their birthday suit. A representative of Caliente Resorts in Pasco County, Florida is petitioning his local officials for a clothing-optional precinct -- and apparently nothing in Florida law would prohibit such an establishment. Sure, provocative campaign-wear is all over the place this year, but is anything really more controversial than showing up to the polls with nothing on but a pair of flip flops?

The first thing that came to our mind when we read this news is: wow, why does this stuff always seem to happen in Florida? First it was the guy who got ticketed for wearing a Speedo, now this.

Reports say that representatives approached their local election officials about establishing the first nudist polling location -- we assume that they were properly clothed at the time. Pollsters told the resort community that they were opposed to adding any new locations until after redistricting in 2010, but after that it's fair game.

Look, we're all about your freedom to dress or undress however you want. We got your back, but come on -- is it really that much to ask people to put on a robe to go and exercise their right to vote? Not to mention, we've been to the nude beach before, and some of what we saw would be cruel to inflict on the voting public. It might give a whole new meaning to the term swing state, or perhaps more appropriately: saggy state.