As a teenager, we thought drying out our pimple prone skin would make the oil go away, thus, zapping zits too. Though the logic was there, the facts weren't.

Those with oily skin should never try to "dry out" there skin. By overwashing, scrubbing, popping, poking, or whatever else you might do, the skin will only over produce oil to compensate for what you've been taking away.

To boot, zits aren't from oil. Okay well some are. But most are from dirt that's trapped in pores. So if you are constantly stripping your skin of its natural barrier and exposing it to dirt and oil, then it will actually become even more acne prone.

For those of us with oily skin, your best bet is to use an oil-free gel cleanser twice daily. Skip toners, which are made more so to balance dry skin, and go straight to a light, oil-free moisturize like those made by Neutrogena.