Kate Winslet is one of our most favorite actresses in the world. (Kate, next time you're in San Francisco, lunch is on us. Seriously -- we'll take you for a lobster club at Neiman Marcus that will change your life!) So we're firmly on her side in the "Vanity Fair Photoshop or not" debate.

Kate is on the cover of the latest issue of Vanity Fair, showing quite a bit of skin and looking more than a little like Catherine Deneuve. Now the rumors are swirling that she had digital help to look that good. And that is pissing Kate off big time.

U.K. tabloid rag The Daily Mirror hired a "professional airbrush expert" (who still calls it airbrushing?) to go through the images body part by body part and describe the retouching he "thinks" Vanity Fair did. What a load of crap! In Kate's shoes, we'd be pissed, too.

Let's get real. Kate looks amazing! She might have been heavy at different points in her life, but right now she is in great shape. She's beautiful and fit -- not Angelina freakish-skinny, but not even a little bit puffy or jiggly.

Kate has always been totally candid about her body issues, and outspoken about her dislike of Photoshop and other fakery that sets unrealistic expectations for women. She's way too smart to set herself up as a hypocrite in such a public way.

C'mon people. Just enjoy the photos.

The lovely Kate Winslet

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