Heidi Klum in a sexy white mustache + Patricia Field's styling genius = milk madness. Ok, so maybe that's not necessarily the case, but you have to admit that Heidi's new Got Milk ad is pretty hot.

Heidi Klum's Got Milk

As one of the many, many celebrities who have donned the milk mustache, she'll be debuting the ad in this month's Shape Magazine. And if you think she looks beautiful in the ad itself, take a minute to check out our gallery of a few behinds the scenes photo of the shoot -- this woman is gorgeous from start to finish -- even during the getting ready process.

This is the Project Runway mastermind's second time around in a shoot for the campaign. Remember her first had, Haute Cowture? She was dressed as -- wait for it -- a milkmaid. Personally we like the second more glammed up Heidi much better. What about you?