Katy Perry is taunting us, and we do not appreciate it.
Here on the red carpet at 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards -- which shall be remembered in history as "The Katy Perry Vaudeville Variety Hour of '08" -- she seems to be saying, "Oh, yes I did, and you ain't seen nuthin' yet!"

Tragically, we would see quite a bit more of Ms. Perry as the night went on. Her presence as host was inescapable and her wardrobe inexcusable.

Sure, she's been working the hot pants schtick for a while, but during the show she pushed the boundaries of kooky, achieving full Sonny and Cher -- no, really, literally she went SheMale -- by the end.

Katy! You're such a pretty girl! You don't need all of these comedy props. Eesh!

Must we even say it? StyleFoul!

Katy Perry's 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards StyleFoul!

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