Taylor Momsen back in the days of The GrinchLittle Taylor Momsen. Who would think that Cindy Lou Who would grow up to be the spirit swilling, topless dancing, dress-designing Gossip Girl Jenny Humphrey? That's her character, not her. But Taylor Momsen is fifteen and dressing like a Playboy bunny.

Read on to see a lot of leg (and cast your vote).

So, as you can see in the gallery (below), Momsen is wearing dresses we dreamed of when we were fifteen. She's heading to premieres in things our Dad wouldn't let us wear to the Sno-Daze dance. She's been in the Hollywood biz a long time now, and she's a working actress just like any other, except that she's so young. Even her Gossip Girl character, Jenny Humphrey, is plagued by her low age cred.

We do not wish to condemn you, Taylor. We love you. We think you're really pretty and you have great legs, but oh MY those dresses are short! We're not saying you're too young to wear dresses that short - we have all kinds of respect for you and how well you're doing at such a young age - we'd call those dresses short on anybody! You are working in an adult's world and this is going to get you attention in an um, adult way. And we know you know that. And that causes us a little concern.

Are Cindy Lou Who's Dresses Two Sizes Too Small?

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Are Cindy Lou Who's dresses two sizes too small?
Yes, but that's cool114 (15.6%)
Yes, somebody help!432 (58.9%)
Nope, she looks great.187 (25.5%)

And just for the record? When we were fifteen? We were wearing the same thing. Only it cost less.