A long time ago, like when we were five and had no real concept of money, we had a dream that our parents took us to Toys 'R' Us and bought us every Barbie down aisle three.

Suffice it to say, our dream never came true. But the one we had a couple of months later about our local grocery store stocking some of our most coveted beauty products, well, that seems to be more real than ever now.

CVS, everyone's favorite drug store and film developer, is launching Beauty 360: a small set-up within the store that sells elitist beauty products like Juicy Couture and Marc Jacobs perfume alongside the usual CoverGirl eyeshadow trios and tubes of Maybeline Great Lash mascara.

As of now, CVS stores in Washington DC feature the new hot spot but next month they'll hit California, with more spaces rolling out all through 2009.

[via Nylon]