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A couple of months ago, we filled you in on the first transgendered contestant on "America's Next Top Model." Well, Isis King is now back in the spotlight, because Tyra Banks is making Isis' transformation complete -- she's hooking her up with gender reassignment surgery.

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Tyra isn't paying for the surgery, but she got in touch with the nation's leading surgeon for this kind of procedure, Dr. Marci Bowers -- Dr. Bowers has even gone through the surgery herself. And, Dr. Bowers has agreed to pay for and perform the surgery herself.

Isis had wanted the surgery for years, but considering the fact that before ANTM Isis lived in a homeless shelter, the $20,000 to $35,000 price of the surgery was slightly cost-prohibitive. However, that didn't make her any more comfortable with her natural body -- she wouldn't allow pictures of herself as a male to be shown while a contestant, but will reveal them for the first time on The Tyra Banks Show.