Kristen Chenoweth is a talented little dynamo. She's a singer, a dancer, a hugely funny comedic actress, and packs more personality into her 4'11" than almost anyone else in Hollywood.
She has such a big personality that she almost makes this purple rufflupagus of a dress sing. But then that pale teal bow interrupts, and then the bow is interrupted by that gemstone/bullet belt and then we tossed our hands in the air and gave up.

From a fashion perspective, the red carpet for "Four Christmases" was a real hit or miss affair.

In addition to Kristen's fright-frock, Sissy Spacek showed up wearing pajamas. Wrinkled, too short pajamas.

On any other night, Katy Mixon's hot-pink, skin-tight spandex mini-dress would have rated a StyleFoul, or at least a disproving eyebrow, but compared to Sissy and Kristen, she looked pretty good.

Then Mary Steenburgen half way saved the night by showing up in a lovely seasonally-age-event appropriate gown that was flattering and fun.

Of course, Reese Witherspoon looked great. She always does. She also looked like she was wound tighter than...well, actually nothing is wound tighter than Reese Witherspoon. Sheesh, have a drink, sister. It's the holidays!

Fashion Ups and Downs at the 'Four Christmases' Premiere

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