Fashion Rules Board Game
It's holiday season. That means family get-togethers...which more often than not means board games. But this year, rather than submitting to another round of Cranium, why not suggest something a little more stylish?

The Fashion Rules board game was created by the Margaret Maldonado Agency, which represents stylists, designers, makeup artists, and other chic folks. Some of the game's questions seem widely open to interpretation ("Who is the most famous supermodel?" being one example.) But others, like "who started Vogue?" are more straightforward.

While the appropriateness of such a game for your Aunt Viv or your five-year-old cousin may be questionable, there's still plenty of trivia in the game that your less fashion-obsessed family members might stand a chance at guessing. And if not, we've never seen anything wrong than playing against yourself, especially with a glass of eggnog in hand.