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We've been through the stick straight phase, the beachy wave, and now it's time for curly girls to reclaim their glory. Here is a gallery of the best (and most inexpensive) drugstore curly hair products that really work! Plus 5 easy steps to your best curls yet.

Curly hair is usually very dry. It is also more fragile than naturally straight hair. Combat dry hair and breakage by:

• Air drying completely as often as possible.

• Waiting until it is at least 80% dry before blasting with heat.

• Moisturizing! Weekly conditioning masks are awesome for curly girls. And leave-ins work best for daily use.

Curly hair needs to be cut differently than other hair types. Make sure your stylist:

• Cuts hair wet so they can see the natural shape of the curl.

• Cuts longer layers (too short layers will give the dreaded "mushroom" effect)

• Possibly has curly hair themselves so they know how to really work it.

Curly hair needs to be properly styled so frizzies are kept to a minimum. Here are 5 easy steps to achieve amazing ringlets.

1. Apply both a curling mousse and anti-frizz product to damp hair (see gallery for suggestions).

2. Twist sections (how big or small is your choice) around your finger to the top of your head and then let them fall.

3. Dry with a diffuser, starting at the roots and working your way up. Do not scrunch! It only causes fly-aways. On that note, do not use a brush either!

4. When it is 95% dry, flip your head and shake the curls out while massaging at the roots to add all over volume.

5. Do not turn the heat back on. Instead style it a bit with your fingers, spritz some shine spray and then blast it with cool air to lock curls into place.

Curly Girl Products

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Mask, $7Garnier Curl Construct Mousse, $4Frizz Ease Hair Serum, $10Curlfriends Shine Gloss, $18Christophe Beverly Hills Curl Defining Shampoo, $3