shark tooth necklace from vale jewelryEven when we're getting dressed up, lately we're still in the mood to keep it simple and elegant. Charm necklaces have been catching our fancy as the perfect way to add some character to an outfit without getting too...well, fancy.
There are charms out there to match every mood, hobby and style. We're into the unique and quietly understated styles of Vale Jewelery, a favorite of Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Tyra Banks, and Evangeline Lilly.

Ava and Eva Bai, who are identical twin sisters, started the line in 2008. They have a beautiful selection of delicate and classic necklaces. We're especially into the shark's tooth necklace, and the baby heart chocker necklace. Check out these, and more of our favorites, in the gallery.

Necklaces from Vale Jewelry

Baby Heart Choker Necklace (14K with Diamond)Initial Necklace with Swarovski Crystal and Smoky QuartzTree Motif Pendant NecklaceHammered Necklace with Assorted CharmsLong Sharktooth Necklace