nicky hilton in lofli jeansColor us as surprised as you. We tend to think "Hilton Girl" and in the next instant the words "Skank", "Ho", and "Put on some panties for the love of Uncle Karl!" go tumbling through our heads. But the other day we realized we've been unfairly tarring "The Other Hilton Girl" with the brush contaminated by her sister Paris. We must admit, these days Nicky Hilton usually looks...cute!
Sure, she's still deathly thin, like a strong breeze or an overly enthusiastic hug might snap her in half, but that's somewhat to be expected. Sigh.

But back to her clothes. Check her out here -- she actually looks preppy in her blue cotton button down shirt, LoFli skinny jeans and a navy sweater tied around her neck. What's next? Underwear every single day?

Looking back through her red carpet appearances, there is a pattern of tasteful, appropriate, even stylish and flattering outfits. We might recommend a few layers in the front to better flatter the shape of her face, but usually even her hair looks good.

So go Nicky, the quiet, industrious, hard working Hilton sister. StyleFab!

Nicky Hilton, Surprise StyleFab

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