Celeb Photoshop Disasters

    Jessica Alba's newly released calendar is hot, hot, hot! And so is she -- but apparently that's not good enough for the folks at Campari. Jessica is one of the sexiest women on the planet, yet pictures that came out this week show just how incredibly airbrushed the calendar really is.

    Honestly, we like the before photos better. Why would you airbrush out a women's hips completely? Not only is that unnatural, but it also looks ridiculous! The airbrushed J.A. would be like Barbie -- unable to walk in real life.

    Standards set by magazines and media have always been unattainable with their images of what they consider to be perfection. But attacking the super-gorgeous Miss Alba with the airbrush machine takes it to a new level.

    Gwyneth Paltrow in Vogue

    Alien? Life-sized Barbie doll? Really, what was Vogue thinking with this cover? They left poor Gwyneth Paltrow practically unrecognizable.


    Gwyneth Paltrow in W Magazine

    Apparently the editors of W Magazine have it out for Gwynnie too. This time the Photoshop gods have left her looking a little *ahem, manly.


    Gwyneth Paltrow in Real Life

    The thing is, Gwyneth is gorgeous in real life. With her long, perfect blond hair and a great toned body, why does it seem that editors always go overboard on the airbrushing with her?


    Britney Spears in Blender

    When Britney Spears popped up on the cover of Blender this past March, looking as sexy as ever, our collective eyebrows immediately rose.


    Britney Spears in Real Life

    You see, in March, 2008, Britney looked a little greasier, a little heavier, and just all around a lot more trainwreck-ier.


    Jessica Simpson in Elle

    Why is her hair so much bigger than the rest of her body? What happened to her hips? And where did her butt chin go? When it comes to this Jessica Simpson Elle cover we have so many questions!


    Jessica Simpson in Real Life

    The real Jessica Simpson is known for her curves, not for having a four inch waist.


    Beyonce in a L'Oreal Advertisement

    Beyonce goes the Michael Jackson skin lightening route in this L'Oreal ad that makes her look rather Caucasian.


    Beyonce in Real Life

    Yes, these pictures of Beyonce on the red carpet confirm that she is, in fact, a proud African-American woman.