Ladies and Gentlemen, we've seen the Mantyhose. We've seen the Boytox. Manscara. Manties. And now? Allow us to proudly present to you: The Mirdle.

Equmen's Core Precision undershirt is the new "Spanx for men," claims UK online news site Times Online.

Equmen boasts:
"High-performance men´s underwear with engineered compression technology
energizes the body with essential structure and support.
Improve posture. Support back and core muscles."

This reminds us of how women's pantyhose are often labeled "support" or "control top," and what they really mean is "stop your flab from jiggling." And we know it. And they know we know it. It's all a great nudge-nudge, wink-wink between women and the industry.

Now men, too, can partake in the world of clothing that has to be packaged so as not to offend its consumer. Manity vanity? Yes. Welcome to our club, gentlemen. Here's your girdle. Mirdle. We're not judging. Hey, have you lost weight?

Read here as Times Online writer John Waters takes the Core Precision undershirt for a test drive. Three inches is a pretty impressive feat!*

*in this case only.