Rose Cole, ModelBoy have we got the perfect New Year's resolution for you! Stylelist blogger Boydie will be entering into the Wellness with Rose's Younger Skin Diet and you're invited to join in on the fun.

Ford Model Rose Cole had trouble skin that included breakouts, blotches, rosacea, and painful psoriasis. She struggled for years before she finally found the solution. Rose swears that at the end of her 7 week program users will experience clearer, radiant, more youthful skin with added benefits like:

• Better eating habits

• Weight loss

• Higher energy levels

• Less "brain fog"

• Balanced hormones

• Ridding depression and other negative attributes

Can't beat that!

After a reader asked about Wellness with Rose, I decided to give the program a whirl as my New Year's resolution and invite readers to join in. So let's do it! Together we can make progress and offer each other support via comments, photos and emails. And if you're still unsure you can follow my journey, wherein I will be posting tips, progress and photos on Stylelist.

So stuff yourself silly with cookies and cakes now because come January 1, we're going to get skin that others only dream about!