How many of you have ever gotten hairspray in your eye, or breathed too much of it in, and really suffered from it? We definitely have, on more occasions than we care to admit. But, we also have to say that we've been nervous about trying a non-toxic hairspray in case it just didn't work. However, after seeing this video from EcoStiletto, we're feeling considerably more confident. Check it out for yourself and let us know if, for one thing, you'd try it, and for another, if you'd drink it!

Hair Raising Star Styles

    Jada Pinkett Smith
    Please tell us this mullet chop job is for a movie. When Jada's hair is slightly grown out, shiny and sleek, its easy to see why she and her hunky hubby are considered one of Hollywood's most stylish couples.

    Steve Granitz,

    At her best, Katherine Heigl successfully channels Veronica Lake. But with too much product, her locks are dingy: No self-respecting bridesmaid would ever leave the house with hair that looks like it was inspired by "There's Something About Mary".

    Alexandra Wyman,

    Christina Aguilera
    Only Bo Derek could be a perfect "10" in cornrows. Her new mommy makeover included trading her Dirrty 'do for Marilyn Monroe-inspired platinum blonde waves

    Victoria Beckham
    Posh pioneered the blunt bob trend -- and it suits her no-nonsense fashion style perfectly. In this uptight up-do (r.), she looks like she's taking her reputation as an ice queen a little too seriously

    Ethan Miller, Getty Images

    Paris Hilton
    Despite her privileged background, Paris has a hard time pulling off the sophisticated debutante look. A flirty asymmetrical bob works better for L.A.'s biggest party girl

    Dimitrios Kambouris,

    Katie Holmes
    Katie's tousled tresses make her look like she's playing dress-up. Her Posh-inspired bob and bangs are picture perfect Hollywood Wife.

    Kevin Mazur,

    Mary-Kate Olsen
    She's known for her eccentric style, but Mary Kate's Marc Jacobs' headband is less modern fashion icon, more Jane Fonda (circa 1982).
    Tousled blonde tresses are better on a 22-year-old, no matter how many millions she's got

    Dimitrios Kambouris,

    Hey, Fergie -- Bret Michaels wants his look back. The star is far more Glamorous when she wears her honey hair wavy and free.

    Jeffrey Mayer,

    Scarlett Johansson
    Scarlett's super-poufy beehive doesn't create much buzz. A more natural style (l.) suits the pretty young star.

    Alicia Keys
    Hey Alicia -- No One should be using the "Coneheads" for fashion inspiration! Keys' classic beauty shines in her natural curls.

    Scott Wintrow, Getty Images