So wait, is there a global economic crisis or not? Because everywhere we look, we see designer leggings for $100 or more! How can recessionistas pay for this craziness? Sure, you can find a pair for $20 or $40, but the existence of so many over the top expensive choices makes us think that seem like there is an actual market for expensive designer leggings -- a.k.a. "footless tights".

Just scrolling through the selection, you can find Rag and Bone stripe leggings at Shopbop for $265, and no, the boots in the photo are not included.

Like a little pleather with your stretch fabric? How about the LnA Riding Pant, just $101 for spandex and nylon at Tobi.

Looking for a festive holiday leggings? $198 gets you a pair of Larok Women's Velvet Leggings at Bloomingdale's.

Of course, the true style hound goes right for the Lindsay Lohan 6126 line. Gold foil stripe leggings? $108. And who can resist the super classy "Mr. President" with built in knee pads, just $132.

We think this whole trend is lame, but someone (with more money than sense, apparently) is out there buying these leggings!

Leggings - Love 'em or Lame?
Love! Can't live without them!16 (55.2%)
Mmmm - I have a pair, they're comfortable5 (17.2%)
Please! You couldn't pay ME to wear $100 footless tights8 (27.6%)