Nancy Wu's beef jerky chanel purseWe're guessing that PETA would probably love throw some red paint on this bag, but we'd rather throw some Tabasco on it and enjoy it with a nice cold beer while watching a football game. It's design student Nancy Wu's amazing Chanel handbag made of beef jerky, and it's appropriately titled 100% Beef Jerky. OK, maybe the chain and Chanel logo aren't made of meat, but you get the idea.

Apparently, the purse was produced for one of Wu's courses at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. If we were teaching the class, and she brought this in, she would get a honorary doctorate -- on the spot. Especially if the purse was filled with Cheese Whiz.

What's the deal with funky handbag news this week? Yesterday it was Pizza Hut giving away Gucci bags as a prize for getting fat on their pizza. Now it's a purse that's actually made of delicious, chewy beef jerky. It looks like Nancy actually used the good stuff too, not some cheap convenience store jerky.

[via Designboom]