lush lashes from thi cosmeticsSome extra-fancy party dresses require artificial enhancement to really look great. No, not silicon cutlet boob boosters, although those are good, too. We mean false eyelashes.
The thing is, the strip kind are incredibly hard to apply evenly. One side is always higher than the other, and at a different angle, so you have to walk around all night long with your head tipped.

For a less crazy, but still glam look, we're fans of individual lashes. We always have some on hand, and over the years we've tried 'em all. By far, the best-best-best ones are Lush Lashes, made by Thi Cosmetics.

Make up artist Taylor Pham created Thi Cosmetics out of a need for make up and tools tailored to Asian skin and features. As she hoped, Asian women are thrilled with her line. And we are thrilled because, even though we're very white, Lush Lashes are so fantastic that everyone looks good wearing them!

Each package of lashes comes with two styles -- the familiar looking "brush" style, as well as Pham's special "thick, pointy" lashes. By combining the two styles you can tailor how thick, long, natural or "enhanced" you want to make your lashes.

If you're ready to take your lashes to the next level, you're ready to try Lush Lashes!