The Karl Lagerfeld/Zaha Hadid concept of an internationally relevant design installation, Chanel Mobile Art, came grinding to a halt, according to a report in WWD (sorry, London, Moscow and Paris). The article by Robert Murphy contains this fashionably ambivalent quote from Lagerfeld: "We had so much press [after Hong Kong and Tokyo] that there was little more to add," he said. "I told Mr. [Alain] Wertheimer [owner of Chanel] not to do New York. It would have been good if we changed the artists, and used New York artists. Otherwise there was nothing to add. Today, everyone can say that something is for financial reasons when they want. For me, artistic reasons are more important. I always thought the building was a sculpture. I prefer it empty." We love the idea of high fashion informing broader culture so we're pitching a tv show about a guy who drops things then says a catch phrase: "I meant to do that!" Check out this video from the exhibition's glory day(s).