2009 here we come! And we want, no, need to look our best without wasting time or cash! Gorgeous skin, healthy hair, the works. Here are our picks for the innovative must-haves of the past year and going forward. Now you tell us: What else can't you live without? And what do you wish they'd come out with in 2009? An acne product that really works overnight without fail? A shampoo that keeps your hair clean for a week? Think big and beautiful, and in the meantime, take a look at these winners. - Melissa Foss

Best New Beauty Products of 2008

    Most Buzzed-About Mascara
    Lancome Oscillation Mascara, $34

    When a mascara launches with a waiting list of thousands, it's worth a second look. This one claims to vibrate through lashes 7,000 times per minute with the touch of a button, coating each lash from all sides to create a natural or dramatic effect depending on how many coats you choose to apply.


    Formerly Illegal Sun Screen

    Anthelios 40, $29.50

    This suncare line has long been available in Europe (and smuggled to the States by knowing beauty addicts) but in April the FDA approved the active ingredient, Mexoryl SX, for use in the US. It is considered to be the best protection against short UVA rays - and covers exposure to all UVA and UVB rays, the ones that cause sun damage, premature aging, and skin cancer. A must for anyone who spends time outdoors in any season - and doesn't want their skin to show it.

    La Roche-Posay

    DIY Salon Glazing Treatment
    Frederic Fekkai Salon Glaze Sheer Shine Rinse, $28

    Inspired by professional glazing services at salons, this silicone-based rinse binds to the hair's cuticle, smoothing it and amping up shine (on natural and color-treated hair), as well as bringing out natural highlights. Women with all hair types are addicted to it because it doesn't get greasy or weigh hair down. The only drawback: It adds a third step in the shower, but the results are definitely worth it.

    Frederic Fekkai

    Magnetically Charged Brushes
    Darac TourQuam Brush, $40

    Never worry about applying too much cakey powder again. This hand-cut brush contains a magnet (and all powders have magnetic qualities) so it attracts just the right amount of product and distributes it evenly across your skin. Another plus: It doesn't leave any stray brush hairs sticking to your face. A major beauty problem, solved!


    High Definition Coverage
    Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation, $40

    Why are celebrities everywhere quaking in their stilettos? High-definition TV shows every flaw. But this oil-free foundation stands up to all kinds of professional and natural lighting (even harsh sunlight), covering flaws without giving a mask-like look thanks to photochromatic pigments that react with ambient light. Also available: HD Primers and Microfinish Powder, which can be worn alone to smooth pores and create a light-reflective, natural-looking face on screen or off.

    Make Up For Ever

    Lash Maximizer
    Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For, $125

    Now this is something new under the sun: A nighttime lash conditioner that actually helps your lashes grow longer, thicker, and denser - even filling in holes where lashes have fallen out. A patent-pending, water-based cream formula containing opthamologist-approved hormones and vitamins shows visible results, often within the first week (really - we've tried it!). And, it works on eyebrows too.

    Peter Thomas Roth

    Shockingly Good Hair
    Philip B Katira Hair Masque, $40

    The newest mask from hair care guru Philip B contains Katira, a beloved ingredient for hair products in Persia for centuries. It imparts a small electrical charge to hair that leaves it extra bouncy and manageable after a blowout. The weightless, clear gel is applied on wet or dry hair and then left in (overnight if possible). No shampoo is necessary, just a light rinse and hair is softer and holds a style with ease. It's addictive.

    Philip B

    At-Home LED Treatments
    TändaRegenerate Anti-Aging Starter Kit , $275

    It's no longer necessary to spend hours and hundreds of dollars on LED (light emitting diode) treatments for acne and signs of aging; the FDA has approved these at-home kits (the red light is to address fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and sagging, and the blue attachment to prevent and control acne). They're proven effective, don't hurt, and help the two most annoying skin problems-at home. We think this is the future of beauty.


    Mistake-Proof Self Tanning
    Mystic Tan Perfect Tan Kit For Body, $54

    They can make you look rested and younger or like a circus clown with a sunburn; self-tanners have, up until now, been a beauty gamble. Mystic Tan (the company that created the non-UV-exposing stand-up misting booth that all celebrities are addicted to, especially before a red-carpet events) offers an at-home line that includes a pre-moisturizer to hydrate skin to guarantee smooth, even color application, and a bottle of spray tan that banishes streaks and tell-tale orange palms because there's no need to rub it in. It also covers hard to reach areas because it can be sprayed from any angle, including upside down. We approve!

    Mystic Tan

    Breakthrough Anti-Aging Protein
    Avon ANEW Ultimate Elixer Premium, $59

    We love it when science and skincare intersect. Harvard has studied sirtuins, proteins that guard cells and are present in youthful skin. We lose these proteins with age, so skin cells are exposed to damage, especially in times of stress. Ultimate Elixer, says Avon, stimulates the production of sirtuin. And clinical studies have shown that it has a lifting effect on cheeks and jaw lines, reduces sagging and wrinkles, and lightens age spots. Bring it on!