Just because about a million magazines (totally exaggerating) have been forced to close up shop and continue to layoff thousands of people in order to stay afloat during this global economic recession doesn't mean one can't launch a brand new fashion magazine. Duh.
Well, that's the mind set the good people over at Conde Nast UK are operating under, considering they've thrown caution to the wind by going forward with power stylist Katie Grand's brand new style tome, Love, which is set to launch on Valentine's Day next year.

The edgy fashion glossy will be a biannual issue. And as far as who will front the very first drop, well, its none other than The Gossip's front woman Beth Ditto. Sporting a flaming orange mane, the results should be very, very cool. Stay tuned.

Beth Ditto: Bad Ass and Love Cover Girl

[via Grazia]