too faced smurf makeup collectionAs far back as we can remember, we have always been fans of the Smurfs. When we were making our way through elementary school, no homework was ever completed until we could watch at least thirty minutes of the Smurfs on television. And as adults, we've been known to sport vintage tees with the little blue creatures emblazoned on the front of them as well.

So, no, we have absolutely no shame admitting we will totally buy into beauty company Too Faced's new Smurfette line. For those unfamiliar with the cartoon series, Smurfette is the womanly Smurf (har!) sent to destroy all of the male Smurfs.

Anyways, the collection comes with four products: "illuminating face powder ($26); eye shadow in a quad that features blue, pink, taupe and dark lavender hues ($32.50); a jojoba, shea butter and vitamin E–infused lip gloss, $18.50, and liquid eyeliners in blue and white for $17.50 each." The collection drops next February.

[via Bellasugar]