Jean HarlowJean Harlow was notorious for breaking the dainty, feminine style most women wore during her time. Her short, sexy finger waves were just the tip of the iceberg. Modern starlets like Kate Bosworth and Gwen Stefani still admire Jean's flare. Learn how to snag Jean's sassy coif for yourself.

You will need:

Setting lotion or strong hold gel
Medium hold hairspray
A comb
Wave clamps
A hair dryer
Bobby pins

How to:

1. Part hair however you would like, add gel or lotion and comb each side flat to the head. Begin on the side with the most hair and comb down from the part about 2 inches, holding hair tightly against the head. Hold the comb so that the teeth face upward, toward the part, to keep it taught.

2. Place an index finger above the comb, with the teeth facing your finger. Pull the comb down about ½ inch from your finger, while keeping it parallel to your finger. Make sure you are moving every layer of hair down to the scalp when pulling comb down.

3. Keeping index finger firmly in place, move comb straight up to meet it (again getting all layers of hair). This will make a slight ridge in the hair. Move comb slightly forward along finger towards your face to lock hair in place.

4. Still holding the first ridge between your middle and ring fingers, create a second ridge, following the same steps, only combing backward along index finger, away from your face to lock in wave. Continue this way all around the head, inserting hair clamps if you have to.

5. If your hair is short, create ringlets and pin curls around the back and front of the head. If hair is long, weave it into a loose bun at the nape of the neck.

6. Hairnet your finished product and blow dry it. Spritz with hairspray before ever so lightly combing it out.

*This seems like a lot of steps but is relatively easy once you get the hang of it. Don't be discouraged because this is such a show-stopping look that is worth the practice and patience.

Celebs Do Jean Harlow

Anne HathawayAmerica FerreraEvangeline LilyMaggie GyllenhalKate Bosworth

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