Veronica LakeIs there anything sultrier than one eye peeking out of a cascading mane of perfectly waved hair? In Veronica Lake's opinion, no. The actresses peek-a-boo waves, which is one of the most recreated hair do's of the century, is absolutely a must for any holiday event.

You will need:

Setting lotion
Light weight hairspray
A set of large Velcro rollers
Hair dryer

How to:

1. Make a deep part, apply setting lotion and blow dry hair until it is about 80% dry.

2. Spray a roller lightly with hairspray. Then section of large chunks of hair and wrap them around the roller. Remember: the more hair on each roller, the looser the wave.

3. Put your hair dryer on the lowest setting and alternate between hot and cold blasts on each roller until it is dry.

4. Brush through with fingers and then lightly spray hair with hairspray.

*Fun fact: Veronica Lake had very fine hair which was curling iron resistant. Sure you can do it with an iron but the best way to achieve an authentic look is to use curlers like the 1940s pinups did.

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