Hugh JackmanGuys, are you sick of waxing your chests? Wishing you could grow your "Magnum, P.I." mustache back out without being laughed out of the bar? Turns out, you just might be in luck -- women are finding the "Manly Man" more and more attractive. Case in point -- hirsute Hugh Jackman is this year's Sexiest Man Alive.

It makes sense -- the metrosexual man spends more time and money on his hair and nails than many women do -- and, when everyone was flipping houses and making a bundle of money, it was simply another way to show your success. And success is definitely sexy.

However, in a time of economic crisis, a high-maintenance male doesn't feel quite as secure. And security has a sex appeal of its own. A word of warning, though: Guys, getting the green light to grow your 'stache doesn't mean you can grow yourself a Willie Nelson beard and expect us to fight over you. Everything in moderation, Manly Men.

Hot and Hairy - Our Favorite Manly Men

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