Sometimes it seems like all the fun hair styles are for long hair. But this week in the "Hair How to Video" we have a quick and easy up do for the ladies with short hair.
Aubrey from Fafinettex3 does the honors, showing you how to create the illusion of long hair with a loose, sexy up do, that looks great whether you're hitting the holiday sales or dressing up for a big New Year's Eve party.

You start by curling your hair, using a 1" curling iron. The only other tools you need are a ton of bobby pins (those big ones work best) and the usual dose of hairspray -- lots!

The real trick is to section your hair, starting by giving yourself a solid base. It also helps if you can set up your work area with two mirrors so you can see the back of your head while you're working.

The beauty of this look is that it should be a little messy, so don't get too worried about making it perfect. Add a headband, ribbon or cute barrette to make it your own, and dazzle everyone who sees you!