Glamness.Happy New Year's Eve! It's your chance to start over. Reinvent yourself for 2009, and start at the New Year's Eve party!

You should start the year gorgeous and free of fashion faux pas. Here are some easy ways to make sure you dazzle everyone at the party!

1. Sparkle
Sparkle is universally accepted on New Year's Eve. Sparkly jewelry, sparkly clothes, and even a dust of sparkle on your shoulders and cheekbones is acceptable! Keep that brush of your breasts, though, please. This isn't Playboy.

2. Men should sparkle, too
Do something special. Sparkly cufflinks or a glitzy tie are acceptable anywhere tonight. Say this to yourself "I will not show up at the New Year's Eve party looking like I do when I go to work."

3. Easy on the eyes
A gold shimmer and lots of mascara is great, but go easy on the liner and dark shadow. There are likely to be a lot of photographs tonight, and thick liner and dark eyeshadows can make your eyes look smaller. Start the year bright and clear - eyed.

4. Dress up an LBD - or LWD
Don't kill yourself looking for the perfect dress if you don't already have it. An LBD never goes out of style, and is easy to dress up with layers of gold jewelry on your neck and wrists. Wear bare legs or patterned black tights, and glitzy earrings. For an even chicer look, try a LWD (Little White Dress) or swap out your yellow gold for pink gold!

5. Put your hair up
The weather is brutal, and you're going to be out late. Why risk the dreaded combination of the elements and time? Put your hair up. We like this Britney Spears updo.

6. Clutch purse
Stop kidding yourself. You don't need any of the stuff in your purse tonight. Transfer to a gorgeous little clutch. Put in cash, ID, credit card, phone, lipstick, and keys. Let someone else bring the camera.

7. Metallic shoes
This is easy. Throw on shoes in the same color as your jewelry. And if you wear open toes, keep those legs bare - for Pete's sake!

Sparkling in a simple dress with glam accessories, bright eyes, and your hair up, you are sure to start the year off on a fabulous foot (in a metallic shoe)!