Beyonce With Metal GloveBeyonce's makeover has gotten a fair share of attention. Gone are the beaded pageant gowns, dressed-down denim, and hypersexy booty shorts the superstar used to favor. Her latest incarnation is as an avant-garde fashion risktaker.

Sure, her attempts at high-fashion don't always fly. But a perfect example of Beyonce's newfound bravery scoring stellar results is her latest video, "Diva."

The look is all about sharp lines and futuristic shapes. Lace and leather play prominent roles, as do exaggerated shoulders and 1980s-inspired accessories and makeup. The overall look is incredibly tough, sexy, and well, fierce.

We went scouting for some pieces the new-and-improved Beyonce would likely snap up...and a few that mere mortals who want to emulate her style can afford.

Capture Beyonce's "Diva" Look

Silence & Noise Faux Leather Jacket, $108Laroche Sunglasses, $11Brian Lichtenberg Hologram Leggings, $122RM by Roland Mouret Playsuit, $1,235Lace Zip Ankle Boot, $135