Annie WuAnnie Wu is an artist and a writer living all over the East coast. She refuses to let her busy lifestyle drive her into a dangerous world of baggy sweats and over-sized t-shirts, those familiar, vile temptations. Pulling style inspiration everywhere from strong graphic design to goth chic to corporate menswear, Annie is fighting the stereotype that geeks and artists can only dress like they've got nowhere to go. This can be a rather difficult feat to tackle, for her line of work is often accompanied by the risk of getting ink and paint on everything.

Annie loves the feel of paper that has been scratched by dip pen nibs and wearing her wingtip shoes around the house just so she can hear the heels against the floor. Her hair is currently dark purple (Special Effects Purple Passion), so her fingers are too. Her plum laptop cases matches. Annie's fashion weakness is for structured jackets and coats and super-strange scarves, a love that made her years in sunny Florida a little too warm. She is also convinced that drugstore nail polish is infinitely better than the expensive, high-end stuff. No, seriously.

Find more Annie at TV Squad, CliqueClack, and her illustration/design blog.