Cate BlanchettWhile most Hollywood actresses no doubt feel the pressure to stave off the aging process (can you say Nicole Kidman?), there's at least one red carpet stunner who won't go to extreme measures to halt the aging process. Cate Blanchett has good motivation for avoiding going under the knife -- her husband said he'd divorce her if she did.

Blanchett told Vanity Fair, "I haven't done anything, but who knows. Andrew said he'd divorce me if I did anything. When you've had children, your body changes; there's history to it. I like the evolution of that history; I'm fortunate to be with somebody who likes the evolution of that history. I think it's important to not eradicate it."

The Incomparable Cate Blanchett

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Of course, this is Cate-freaking-Blanchett talking, and to be honest, if we looked like her, we wouldn't give cosmetic surgery a second thought, either.

Cate also says that, "if you're doing it out of fear, that fear's still going to be seen through your eyes. The windows to your soul, they say." No wonder she pulls off almost every funky thing she wears on the red carpet. With an attitude and confidence like that, it would be hard for her to look anything less than spectacular.