Are you still sad because Santa didn't bring you what you really wanted this year? Wipe those tears, dear: The limited-edition Karl Lagerfeld Steiff bear is still available at Neiman Marcus! Less than 2,500 will be sold worldwide, so if you have $1500 burning a hole in your pocket you better hurry, before another Krazy Karl fan beats you to it.
As you would expect, the bear is dressed like our favorite German fashion demigod - with the exception of the famed gold Steiff button on the ear. It makes sense that these two German icons would get together, but how familiar is Karl with stuffed animals? Karl was asked by Departures magazine if he had a Steiff as a child. He assured them that he did, but it "... only lasted for a while. You know, I did not stay a child for a long time."

Oh Karl, you never fail to bring the crazy - and for that, we thank you.