Claudi Schiffer for Dom PerignonYou know you've really made it big when -- A) You're asked to make a cameo on The Hills, B) Naomi Campbell throws a cell phone at you, or C) Karl Lagerfeld makes boob art inspired by you. If you chose answer C. you hit the nail on the head!

The Godfather of Fashion designed a bowl in the shape of Claudia Schiffer's boob (to see a picture of this mythical thing, click here). Apparently his inspiration came from a bowl customized for Queen Marie Antoinette, that was the exact size of one of her breasts.

Karl's Claudia Schiffer boob bowl was made specially for Dom Pérignon Champagne. If you think one of Claudia's girls would look great sitting up on your mantel, all you have to do is buy a $3,150 dollar bottle of the bubbly brand's Oenothèque champagne.

The bowl would make a nice addition to the same collection as Britney Spears giving birth.

What do you think about this trend of celebrity intimates being immortalized in art? Cool, or just downright freaky deaky?
Your thoughts on boob art?
It's just plain weird.8 (40.0%)
I love it, but just because Claudia Schiffer is smoking hot!4 (20.0%)
I think I'm going to start collecting celebrity boob bowls.4 (20.0%)
Where can I get my own done?4 (20.0%)

Via The Cut.