Up until November, Beyonce wasn't known for her support of up-and-coming avant garde designers. That was, of course, until her sister managed to snag a front row seat at Gareth Pugh's fall '08 show and convinced Beyonce she had to wear Pugh when promoting her new album, I Am...Sasha Fierce.
On Beyonce's crush with Mr. Pugh, her stylist Ty Hunter told Grazia, "Solange was raving about the summer collection having been to his Paris show. Beyonce thinks he's an exceptional talent and feels really empowered whenever she puts anything of his on."

So far, Beyonce has been spotted wearing the UK wunderkind's pieces at the MTV Europe Awards and most recently in her video for the new single off her album aptly named, Diva. Admittedly, the music video is totally outrageous and over-the-top, which makes Pugh's funky pieces all the more fitting when they show up towards the middle of the clip. Watch and enjoy.

[via Popsugar UK]