Barack ObamaHow much is too much? That's the question that should be asked by tax payers right now as the Obama family settles in at the fancy schmancy Hay-Adams hotel for about a whopping $19,000 dollars a night. Taxpayers and Barack will split the cost.

While president elects do not normally take up residence in Washington D.C. so early, Barack was insistent that his little girls, Malia and Sasha didn't miss their first day at their new school (where tuition costs a little less than $30,000 a year per child).

Nothing but the Best for Barack Obama

Hay Adams HotelHay Adams HotelHay Adamas HotelHay Adamas HotelHay Adamas Hotel

We're all for Mr. President living comfortably, and we understand that the White House was booked with Bush's friends and family, but we just don't think that we, the public, struggling through this recession, should foot the bill for a hotel better suited for celebrities than politicians.