Leather jacketAlpinestars has been dressing moto and race car drivers for years but dressing Hollywood's hottest starlets? Oh yes. It's happening. Their new line, which they call a cross between "James Dean and Cali surfer," offers a mix of biker inspired geared that has young celebs (think Blake Lively and Kirsten Dunst) on the verge of joining Hells Angels. Okay maybe not joining Hells Angels exactly. More like borrowing some of their leather and studded style.

The "biker" look has hit Hollywood hard over the last few years – leather leggings, jackets, and tough girl tees – but Alpinestars actually makes the look authentic. The down and dirty line features a collection of some of the coolest leather jackets we've seen to date but also adds in some pintucked blouses, cute denim dresses, and ultra cozy sweaters too.

Our Alpinestars Must Haves!

Studio Blazer, $98Pintucked top, $78fl jacket, $220Origami dress, $98Supersonic jacket, $320