Cage heels are sort of like gladiators, taken to the next level. And you can expect to see them all over this spring. They might not catch on as rapidly as the gladiators did since they're a bit harder to wear, but you can bet that any good fashionista has these on her '09 must-have list!

Think back to when Ashley Olsen debuted those gladiators/cage flats that went all the way to her knee. The outfit was clearly a memorable one and definitely started something big in the shoe world. Whether you love the Olsens or hate them, they have a way of being completely on trend before a trend even exists.

Shoe Porn in Cage Form

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So if you're looking to make a statement this season, these are your shoes. They're so over the top that if you're going to wear them, try and keep the rest of your clothes simple, letting your footwear be a statement all on it's own.