There's something incredibly stylish about sending cards. We're talking real, tangible correspondence on pretty, heavy paper -- a custom the Internet has all but killed.

But we think this news might give the custom a breath of fresh air: Giles Deacon, who in 2007 was named British Designer of the Year, has just partnered with the legendary Smythson stationery company to create a limited-edition collection of note cards. (You can pre-order a box of ten here for $70.)

We love Deacon's avant-garde sketches of gowns paired with the pop of color inside each envelope. We love them so much that, seeing that these are practically a collector's item, we might be temped to never send a note again. E-cards, here we come.

**UPDATE: Check out the comment below from Smythson -- since we posted this item, the set has gone off pre-sale and on sale!**