The Bald and the Beautiful

    It looks like Jeremy Piven's receding hairline has actually advanced and perhaps received reinforcements over the last few years and we never really noticed or had the chance to compliment him on it.

    The Old Jeremy
    We didn't actually catch this one (the NY Daily News did), and anyway that's not the point. The point is that the manipulation, however it was achieved, was done in such a tasteful and inconspicuous way that it went pretty much unnoticed. And if you're a man hoping to add some thickness up top or stop a receding hairline in its tracks and maybe even gain a few yards, Piven's head is definitely example of how to do that with some style.

    Jeremy in Transition
    So, is Piven receiving help from a mid-life growth spurt? Or, perhaps benefiting from a very rare and belated phase of puberty? We're sure most men -- since most of us have male pattern balding somewhere in our genes -- would like to know: what's Jeremy's secret?

    Jeremy With a Fine Head of Hair
    We're thinking it was most likely hair plugs, but we're by no means an authority on the subject. What do you think Piven's got working for him?Propecia? Transplants? Or maybe spray-on hair?

    Of course, not everyone fights to keep their coiffure -- some simply succumb to baldness, while others (like Jack Nicholson), try and beat nature to the punch.

    While others lop off perfectly hearty locks -- like Natalie Portman did for her role in the movie V for Vendetta.

    Matthew Mcconaughey went Mr. Clean for his role in the movie Reign of Fire.

    And let's not forget Cate Blanchett, the always adorable English actress, who had to sport a buzz cut for her role in the 2002 movie, Heaven.

    Denzel Washington, who can still grow a full head of hair, often opts for the closely-cropped look.

    Jim Carey's summer buzz cut was a welcome departure from the lengthy man mane he'd been sporting for years.