Louis Vuitton skateboard and case, part of the Stephen Sprouse CollectionLast time we checked, the economy was tanking and Louis Vuitton was forced to scrap it's ambitious plans for the new year. Then they go do something like this -- and totally redeem themselves. This $8,250 skateboard is part of the "Stephen Sprouse Collection" and it comes with a classic LV embossed case. That's what ... about $200 per kickflip?
Unfortunately for LVMH's bottom line, these unbelievably overpriced decks are being released in a very limited quantity. Selling skateboards at an 8,000% mark-up could definitely go a long way toward righting the ship these days (though it's hard to imagine LV selling very many of them in this market).

So far, it looks like LV will be releasing only 3 of these babies, which will go on sale Thursday at the Soho flagship store to celebrate the launch of the Sprouse Collection. Along with the skateboards, the store will be hocking some Sprouse tees and throwing a kind of block party thing. The ridiculous profits from these boards will go to benefit the Free Arts NYC program, which helps bring arts programs to underprivileged children in the area.

[via Fashionindie]