Blake LivelyHave you ever wondered what type of makeup stars wear on set? So have we. And we lucked out. In the latest issue of In Style, the Beauty Q & A dished on what makes Blake Lively's look pop when the Gossip Girl cameras are rolling. Get her look for less than $100.

Gossip Girl's head makeup artist, Amy Tagliamonti, told In Style that "Blake's character Serena is very carefree, so I wanted the makeup to reflect that." Tagliamonti likes to start with a super smooth foundation, create a golden glow around the eyes, and finish the look by plumping Serena's pucker with a pinkish gloss.

So what type of products are staples in Serena's makeup kit?

• Stila Shadow in Oasis, $18; Stila Cosmetics

• Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation, $68; Saks

• Chanel Glossimer in Glow, $26; Chanel

For less than $100 bucks you too can have Serena's easy breezy, golden glow.

Via In Style