Anna Wintour talks on his cell phoneWe've never been to fond of customized ringtones, we usually try to find the one that sounds as much like a phone ringing as possible, although it getting tough these days. In public, a ringing cell phone is bad enough, the only way to make it more annoying is to choose a ringtone that gives every stranger within earshot unwanted fashion advice. Now, that's entirely possible, thanks to Cityfile's Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley ringtones.

Wow. If you'd like to hear Anna speak, you no longer have to pony up $40 to catch her in NYC. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you could hear Vogue's notorious editor giving you outlandish and unhelpful fashion advice every time someone calls. Think about it.

We're assuming that the advice varies from call to call, otherwise you'd want to kill your phone within a few calls. According to CF, they included Talley to balance out Wintour's advice with some down to earth style tidbits like: "Don't be so fabulous that you can't Xerox!"

For instructions on how to get these very important ringtones off of the interweb and on to you phone, Cityfile's got the details here. Enjoy.

[via Jezebel]